Bushcraft, Campcraft & survival skills for School & Youth groups at Kilfinane Outdoor Education & Training Centre.

Bushcraft & campcraft promote independence, resilience and teamwork while learning new skills and having great fun !


Our campcraft programmes teach students all the skills needed for camping and include tent pitching, improvised shelters, equipment, camp safety, cooking outdoors and the ‘Leave no Trace’ principles.

Bushcraft courses take these skills to the next level where students learn to build shelters from natural materials, light fires ( without matches or lighters !), filter water and cook with minimal equipment. Buschraft is all about living outdoors in harmony with nature and aiming to use natural resources responsibly. It is an excellent activity for promoting Wellbeing and time in nature and is very popular with all age groups.

We also offer survival skills expeditions for small groups where students complete a self sufficient two-day overnight survival expedition on foot with minimal equipment and cook meals on open fires lit without using matches ! The level of challenge associated with these programmes helps to develop great teamwork and initiative skills.

We can run Bushcraft and campcraft skills at any suitable location near to your school or club or at our regular locations.

Curricula Links

Campcraft features as part of the Junior Cycle PE and Leaving Cert. Applied syllabus.  We can design courses for schools to fulfill your curricular requirements. Our staff are experienced Outdoor Education Tutors. Kilfinane OETC is approved by Department of Education & skills and administered by Limerick & Clare ETB.