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Youth Groups

Youth Programmes make up a large part of our work at Kilfinane OEC.  Whether you’re looking for a fun day out for your youth club, a developmental programme foryour youth service group or the challenge of learning new & exciting skills we can design a programme for you.

Our Instructors are experienced education professionals who have worked with youths from varying backgrounds. All our activities are designed to be fun and to develop a spirit of adventure. We also aim to challenge youths, to help them develop skills and to give them a taste of the many adventure sports that are accessible to them.

Our Youth Programmes are very flexible and can range from a half-day activity to a five day residential programme. We also work with a number of youth programmes on a more regular basis where we provide activity sessions over a number of weeks giving participants a chance to build on their skills.

We have an excellent range of activities but we would highly recommend our newest activity, Mountain Biking, for youth groups aged 14/15+yrs.

For more information please Contact our office.