Outdoor Activity for Youthreach & school completion programmes

Kilfinane Outdoor Education & Training Centre is administered by Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board and is approved by the Department of Education & Skills.


Outdoor Education & adventure sports activities offer huge opportunities for learning outside the classroom. We will be pleased to design a programme to meet the needs of your student group. Our courses can focus on teamwork, skills & personal development and are delivered by experienced tutors. We can also provide certification and assist in the delivery of curricula areas such as Junior Cycle PE, LCA Adventure activities, wellbeing etc.

We use outdoor activities and challenging situations to develop essential life skills such as teamwork, decision making, confidence and self esteem. Additionally the sports themselves offer opportunities to learn or improve navigation skills, co-ordination, fitness, water confidence and sport specific skills among others.

Our programmes aim to:

  • Promote wellbeing
  • Build confidence and self esteem through achievement of challenges and the development of new skills
  • Develop life skills such as teamwork, initiative, respect & leadership
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the natural environment
  • Learn adventure sports skills such as Kayaking, Mountain Biking or Climbing

Please contact our office for School & Youth Group rates. Ask about our off peak ‘Special Offer’ rates.